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March 22, 2018 Y6 Football Tournament UpdateMarch 9, 2018 Hutton Rudby Year 5 Finish Second in Debating Competition
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Year 5 2017/18

Welcome to the brand new Year 5 page!  Year 5 is an exciting year for the children as they enter Upper Key Stage 2 and get used to their position as role models for the rest of the school. 

In Year 5, the children will have all sorts of amazing learning opportunities through a creative and engaging curriculum. The children will start the year learning about the Tudors including Henry VIII and his many wives, paying close attention to Anne Boleyn in their topic ‘Off with her head’. Moving on from this the children will become time travellers in the eponymous topic. The children will look at how various things have changed over the course of time, and the effect that this has had on the world today.

After Christmas, when the nights are at their darkest we will all become Stargazers and will be thinking about what it out there, beyond the sky. The children will follow this by moving to ancient Egypt in their ‘Pharaohs’ topic leading up to Easter.

We will be taking an in depth look at 14th Century England after Easter in the topic ‘Peasants, Princes and Pestilence’. during this fascinating topic, the children will be trying their best to prevent an outbreak of the plague. To round the year off we will be paying special attention to forces through the medium of theme parks in the topic ‘Scream Machine’ which is sure to be exciting for everybody involved!

In Year 5, the children have a variety of opportunities to display their creativity, leadership skills and extra curricular activities:

  • Leadership skills are enhanced with the opportunity to be a Sports Leader.
  • Dramatic muscles can be flexed in the Year 5/6 Christmas production.
  • Musically the children get many opportunities to learn with Mr. Whawell, as well as extra curricular opportunities.
  • Mentorship is another area in which Y5 excel as they become reading buddies for their little friends in Year 1.
  • Sporting prowess is celebrated in Year 5 as the children get the chance to attend the Tuesday night football club, Netball, running and have many opportunities to represent the school.
  • Sport is also a big part of the curriculum in Year 5 where the children benefit from the expertise of Mrs. Drury in addition to Mr. Johnson’s regular P.E lessons.
  • A host of other opportunities are available to the children in their Friday afternoon enhancement sessions.

Curriculum Newsletter, Spring 2 2018: Spring 2

Hutten Rudby News Y5 Bulletin 1:

Hutton Rudby News – Breaking News!

We built rafts this year, inspired by the ones the Ancient Egyptians used on the Nile. We didn’t have our own Nile to test them out on, so we made do with our own little lake instead (sorry about the sound in the video)




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