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Aims and Values



We welcome and value every child to Hutton Rudby Primary School. At the heart of the school is the individual child. It is our fundamental task to enable each child to develop to their full potential. This task we share firstly with parents in partnership and also with all other professional agencies which may be concerned with a child’s well being. We seek to encourage the highest standards in work, behaviour and presentation to each child’s capabilities. We seek to adapt according to the range of needs and anticipated needs of the school’s community to provide full entitlement to all. We hope that children learn to live together in an atmosphere of friendship and that within this framework they see the need to care for each other and to regard highly each person’s contribution, thus learning the values of integrity and sharing. While developing the child’s individual potential within the school we hope to develop an understanding of their relationship with their local community. Through this relationship and study, we hope to nurture their understanding of the global community and their responsibilities within this. It is through a carefully structured and creative curriculum we aim to enthuse lifelong learning in children. We recognize, celebrate and plan for diversity. We will provide children with the relevant depth of knowledge in a broad and balanced curriculum, which is outlined later in the prospectus. We will teach the concepts and skills associated with those areas of study in a structured way. 5