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We welcome and value every child at Hutton Rudby Primary School. This Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy is underpinned by the core belief that all children and young people in Hutton Rudby Primary School belong to our community and as such all share the same rights to membership of that community and to a quality education. It is our fundamental task to enable each child to develop to their full potential. This task we share firstly with parents in partnership and also with all other professional agencies which may be concerned with a child’s well-being. Hutton Rudby Primary School is committed to anti-discriminatory practice to ensure that every child is included and supported. We promote equality of opportunity and value diversity for all children and families. We are committed to making reasonable adjustments to ensure that each individual child and their needs are considered. At Hutton Rudby Primary School we understand that children develop and learn at different rates, and we celebrate the fact that every child is unique. We understand that children learn and develop in different ways, with different strengths and needs. We are committed to a partnership approach to address any cause for concern, involving parents, carers and children in discussions and assessments to consider pupils' learning and development needs. We believe in providing all children with full access to a high quality, broad, balanced and differentiated Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum which recognises individual strengths, interests and abilities. Within this, we recognise that for some children, additional Special Educational Needs support will be required. Hutton Rudby Primary School aims to work in partnership with the children themselves, their parents and outside agencies to assess needs and support learning. All staff in school will use their best endeavours to meet needs. All children and young people are entitled to an education that enables them to make progress so that they achieve their best, become confident individuals living fulfilling lives and make a successful transition into adulthood, whether into employment, further or higher education or training. Our school's current SENCo is Rob Johnson - Year 5 teacher. He is covering the maternity leave of Lucy Sors.  To download our SEND Policy please select download from the table below.
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