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About Our School

10Hutton Rudby has a long established reputation for academic excellence, delivered by a team of dedicated and committed professionals, both teaching and non-teaching. Everyone works hard to maintain the supportive and caring environment associated with our school. We are very proud of our school and believe we have something special to offer. Please use our website for any information that may be helpful to you. If you would like the opportunity to find out more, please come and see us - you are sure of a warm welcome! If, as a parent of a pupil attending this school, you require a paper copy of the information on this website, we can provide this free of charge. Matthew Kelly Head Teacher 01642 700203   Note to Parents, Carers, Children, Visitors and Friends of Hutton Rudby Primary School Please take care at all times on school premises and on the footpaths and driveway; especially if you are visiting in icy, snowy weather. If you are visiting the school in the evening, a torch is advisable for the unlit areas. Thank you for your consideration.   Contact Hutton Rudby Primary School Doctor's Lane Hutton Rudby Yarm TS15 0EQ Phone: 01642 7000203 Email: