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What an opera-tunity…

We were lucky enough to have a visit from professional opera singer, Heather Watts in school today!

The children were put through their paces in assembly with a fantastic vocal warm up where the children learned all bout their chest voices and their head voices and how best to use them. The warm up was, followed by singing a jazzy number that went up and down the musical scales.

After this, the real treat began when Heather sang an Mozart aria. Children and staff alike were astounded. Heather hit notes that we didn’t think were possible. It was fantastic to see the astonishment on the faces of some of the children as Heather sang. The applause that followed almost blew the roof off the hall as it continued for well over a minute. A lovely moment. Mr. Kelly was left speechless by the performance, as were the rest of the staff!

Following assembly, Heather took the time to cast a professional eye over the Year 3 / 4 play rehearsal and offered some invaluable help which will undoubtedly improve the quality of the performance on July 14th. She even gave up her lunchtime to work with the soloists and narrators from the play, and seeing them grow in confidence following her advice was fantastic. Make sure you catch one of the performances two weeks today!

After lunch, Heather continued to work in the hall and helped the Y5s and Y6s with their rehearsals and I’m sure they showed incredible improvements too! Special thanks must also go to Mr. Whawell for arranging a visit that I’m sure inspired many of our children!


Thank you for coming to visit our little school, Mrs. Watts. You are welcome back any time!

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