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Danceathon Success

Every hour, on the hour, the kids at HRPS have been dancing the day away in the name of the NSPCC. Thanks to all the parents, brothers, sisters, grandmas, granddads, aunts & uncles (both real and pretend) that have sponsored the children to dance, dance, dance. The moves on show have been interesting to say the least… As have the tunes, chosen primarily by Mr. Kelly, taking us all back to a simpler time. Ranging from Cotton Eye Joe (yes, really) to Tainted Love to The Macarena, it has been an eye opening tour through the iPod of the head that has surprised us all. 

Interesting musical choices aside, it has been a great day and a brilliant way to end the half-term. Thanks again for all the support not just today, but all term. We are looking forward to seeing you back in a week! 

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